Evidence supporting the use of melatonin in short gestation infants.


Jan JE, Wasdell MB, Freeman RD, Bax M




J Pineal Res. 2007 Jan;42(1):22-7.

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Pineal melatonin regulates circadian rhythms and influences sleep. Melatonin also has protective actions against tissue damage from free-radicals and other toxins.

Evidence is presented that this indoleamine is involved in pre- and postnatal brain (and ocular) development and intrauterine growth. In the absence of maternal melatonin, short gestation infants have a prolonged period of melatonin deficiency. Melatonin supplementation, which has a benign safety profile, may help reduce complications in the neonatal period that are associated with short gestation. We believe that this treatment might result in a wide range of health benefits, improved quality of life and reduced healthcare costs.

Comparison of normal versus premature newborns regarding melatonin synthesis and various diseases.
A direct connection between melatonin deficiency and the development of complications in premature infants is postulated.
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