Side Effects

Medical Studies on Melatonin – Side Effects

Melatonin is a very safe drug without any toxic side effects. Even if there are not that many studies to date on potential side effects, all studies so far have shown that melatonin is well tolerated. In a meta-analysis of several studies in which mostly 10 mg or more of the drug was administered, it was observed that the frequency and severity of side effects was absolutely identical to those in patients who were administered a placebo.

Correct administration without side effects

Based on all studies to date, one can conclude that side effects are only likely to occur if melatonin is administered at the wrong times. Because melatonin in this case causes chronodisruption, a shift in the cycle, this may cause sleepiness, which in turn impairs concentration, visual acuity and ability to drive. These are symptoms that also occur as a result of sleep deprivation. There have also been reports of intense dreaming.

Rare: paradoxical reaction

In very rare cases, the incorrect administration of the drug has been reported to exhibit what is known as a paradoxical reaction, whereby the patient experiences extreme insomnia. It is likely that this is attributable to possible impurities in the drug, although it has not been possible to prove this to date. Most researchers have eliminated the potential for melatonin addiction or dependency. The same is true of any addictive potential.

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